Facebook: Content – Easy, Advertising – ?

Although online adults are diversifying onto other social networking platforms – an average of 20% use Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin, and Instagram – Facebook remains dominant at 71%. So, if you’re not proficient on Facebook, you should be.

For us public relations professionals, developing Facebook content is easy. We can distinguish news, see stories, and cull information. We’ve produced videos, hired photographers, trained spokespeople, written materials, publicized events, promoted contests, taped interviews – among other things.

What we know less of is advertising, especially advertising on Facebook.

This matters because organic reach (unpaid distribution) could be zero very shortly, according to Social Media Today. “Your Facebook page’s organic reach is about to plummet — down to a lowly 1-2%. While organic reach has long been declining, it has significantly declined since the fall of 2013.”

What may surprise you is advertising to current fans and more on Facebook is not expensive. Moz’s Brian Carter says, “If you can’t spend $30 per month ($1 per day on Facebook Ads), you shouldn’t be in business.” Right?!

Advice, tips and information on Facebook advertising abounds – here are resources that are guiding me:

Content is great; content is fun – but it doesn’t really matter if your fans aren’t seeing it and having a chance to engage with your brand.